Something. Anything.

It’s been far too long since I’ve written anything for this little experiment and that’s a problem. At various times in my life I’ve fancied myself a maker, or on my way to being one. A musician, a writer, a coder…

And yet I’ve done very little of any of that lately, certainly not in any meaningful sense.

My country, my local community, and my workplace is shaken by current events. The ensuing response on social media has been deranging, and it has also been paralyzing. Many of the loudest voices are saying things I think are wrong, or at least counterproductive to their goals–many with which I sympathize. But any attempt to engage is already to lose. It’s like trying to end a bar fight by smashing a bottle loudly on the table.

And yet like a slow-motion car crash, the fires on Twitter are morbidly enrapturing; I can’t look away from it. The self-assured “wtf are you talking about?!” internal dialogue when seeing another woke virtue signaling post, it too is oddly addicting. But I cannot speak for fear of losing friends or employment.

So I think the way forward for my own sanity right now is to do my best to tune out the circus online, and focus on building. On making again. And this starts with at least getting my thoughts out somewhere.

This ‘blog’ was intended to be a place to dump some journal entries that got a little editing and polish, without fear of consequence nor obsession with perfection.

But I think I’ve focused too much on that polish to the point of complete creative constipation. I’m hoping this stream of consciousness might unblock me a bit.

More soon, God willing.


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